Ricky Brown's <br/> Tribute to all



300 third strike and you are out employees for TRENDZ Plastics are given hope and jobs through a program created by Ricky R. Brown and his children to promote unity and financial second chances. Did the world forgot about them!  Every employee signed their surname on the white board however, changed their last name to


The signings by 1st, 2nd and 3rd shift employees adopted Mr. Brown as a father figure and their way of saying. "Thank you for believing in us our ability to reintegrate into the workforce environment.  98% of all recruits had active misdemeanors up to felonies and were placed at TRENDZ  by a local employment agency selected by TRENDZ as a last resort before they faced being incarcerated their inability to pay fines imposed by municipal, state and federal agencies. 

Mr. Brown departed TRENDZ and with all things a Double Boo-ya-to-ya! 





US Army2          US Air Force2           USNavy2              defense logistics agency

    Small Disadvantaged Business Utilization Program

Established in 2015, I.R.S. Inc. is a Certified
Federal Management consultant specializing in
General Medical, 

Bottled Water, Toiletries and  products. 

High-end integrated IT platforms, advanced marketing and distribution solutions, are ideally suited for national and international armed force mission support on a large or small scale.

 Ongoing commitment to quality of service is the key to providing first class products.
                                        Military Medical Supply Chain                                           

Martin Brown Incorporated 

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